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Our Services

Our security agency provides a wide range of services to ensure that your event or festival is safe and secure. Here
are some of the key services we offer:

We work with our clients to develop customized security plans that
meet their specific needs and budget.

2. RISK ASSESSMENT: Our team conducts a thorough
assessment of the event location to identify potential risks and

3. ACCESS CONTROL: Our agents are trained to manage
access points to the event, ensuring that only authorized individuals
are permitted entry.

4. CROWD MANAGEMENT: We provide crowd control
services to help manage large crowds and maintain order.

5. VIP PROTECTION: Our agents are trained to provide
personal protection for VIPs and high-profile individuals.

6. EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Our team is trained to
respond quickly and effectively to any emergency situation that may

7. SECURITY PATROLS: We provide on-site security
patrols to monitor the event location and ensure that everything is
running smoothly.

8. SURVEILLANCE: Our agency provides video surveillance
services to monitor the event location and identify potential security

9. FIRST AID AND MEDICAL SERVICES: We provide on-site medical services to ensure that anyone who requires medical attention receives it quickly and efficiently.

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